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I Believe in YOU

“I’m Alvin Day and I Believe”

I believe in possibilities”. I believe anything is possible if you’re a dreamer who wakes up and takes action. When head knowledge is combined with a burning, passionate fire in the belly, even average, normal people do extraordinary feats. This belief guides all my work with individuals and organizations.

I believe leadership” is the solution to every challenge faced by your organizations or team. To invest in your leaders is to invest in the staff. Empower the leaders and you empower the team. This belief guides my coaching to move leaders from good to great.

I believe you”…yes, YOU, were born to succeed—to be great—to achieve at least one more spectacular, life changing thing before you die. You were created with great purpose and until you begin to pursue it, nothing you do will bring you lasting meaning or satisfaction. This belief guides me to tease, coax and entice you toward taking the greatest journey of your life.

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PERSONALITY TYPES AND TEMPERAMENTS — Learn What Makes YOU Tick, AND…How Others Are Wired. Motivate, Move and Make them Want to Support, Help, or Do What you Want them to Do! Gain Powerful People Influence.WARNING: SO POWERFUL, DO NOT USE TO MANIPULATE.

PRODUCTIVITY IN ADVERSITY —Excel, not in Spite of, but Because of Life’s Problems! Operate in a Zone with no Viable Competition—Where, you Are Great When Things Are Going Well, and Even Greater when Things Are NOT Going Well! Become Unstoppable.

PERSUASION POWERScience of Successful Selling. Virtually Unknown Scientific Findings about How the Human Mind Works and How to Get it to Say YES! More Often. If you’re in Sales, you’ll Want this. If you Are not, you’ll NEED this.WARNING: SO POWERFUL, DO NOT USE TO MANIPULATE.

HOW TO MOVE MOUNTAINS–Circumvent, Rise Above or Tunnel Through Difficulties that Stop Others from Achieving Breakthroughs. Learn the secrets of the masters who simply get things done.

SPEAK & GET PAID – RUN THE GREAT SPEAKING BUSINESS—Learn the Business of Speaking for Pay! Talk for an Hour; Make More than the Average Audience Member Earns in a Month! Prepare, Promote, Target, Run a Home Office, Create a Home Studio on Low Budget and More.

GO FOR GREATNESS BEYOND SPEAKING—Build a Legacy by Writing the Book that People WANT to Read. Learn to Build your Book and Dispel Writer’s Block. Self-Publish and Keep all the Revenues and Spin-Off Businesses. Become Author and Enjoy the Light!

INTELLECTUAL HORSEPOWER —Leverage a Greater Percentage of your Brain to Think and Create New Realities. Lead and Grow in Today’s Rapidly Changing World. Gain an “Unfair” Advantage by Seeing Things that Others Do not See, and therefore, Cannot Have. Predict the Future by Inventing it.

HOW TO COACH A TEAM/PERSON —The Mental Space where Your Leadership Is Multiplied as you Guide and Groom Others to Find their Own Greatness. Makes YOU into a Great Person.

MEETING MANAGEMENT –Skill and Confidence to Lead, Moderate & Facilitate Groups to Achieve Meeting Objectives. Master the Art of Gaining Consensus. Leverage the Supporters, Controllers, Benchwarmers and Disrupters in Every Meeting. Learn to Prevent Meetings Wasting your Time.

SPEAK AND GET PAID-– BECOME THE GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER AND PRESENTER–The Unduplicated, Most Powerful, Results-Producing Experience that Will Build your Skills, Boost your Confidence and Make you Money! Master the Messenger, Message, Method & Medium. Get Used to Standing Ovations.

AND MORE ––We Continue to Add Other Competencies to Help you Become, Achieve and Earn More!

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Perhaps this is you or someone about whom you care deeply . . . feeling far from reaching the dream; trying hard and struggling; impatient for success; wondering if you are crazy. Here is some great news!

Your Life and Death

Herein lies a question of your life and your death—how they come together to make you great or useless. There is a really weird thing about your life, how it works and even where it comes from. Caution! This one is deep.

Good Dissonance

When you feel dissatisfied and disturbed that your lifestyle is not up to the level of your dreams, it can produce awful feelings of disappointment, doubt and even distress. After all the positive thinking, personal development and faith, why isn’t the dream manifesting? Well, check this out!


I was able to rely on Alvin’s council as I conceptualized and implemented a major initiative for the Valvoline brand that both changed how our organization works and dislocated the market in our favor.  It required enormous organization change and coordination.  Alvin’s direction focused and improved my capabilities as a leader, and helped me drive unprecedented results for our organization.”

Peter W. Demko
Director of Marketing–Global Brands, Valvoline

“After spending a day with Alvin, our entire organization was hungry to win in the marketplace. He ignited in them a burning passion for personal excellence. I have rarely seen them so fired up. His principles and techniques are inspirational, entertaining and practical at the same time.

“Alvin came at a time of transition, when our people faced uncertainties and fears. He helped them increase their focus and performance in that difficult period. At the end, everyone was asking for more of this in the future!” 

Yolanda Guerrero

Director, Colgate-Palmolive, Mexico