Empowerment as a Money-Making, Success Proposition.

It May Be Your Missing Link.

What Is Empowerment?

Empowerment is different from motivation, although often, motivation is a by-product of empowerment.

Motivation vs Empowerment

The first contrast is that motivation is based on emotions–intensely positive feelings. Empowerment is based on emotions and knowledge…yes, intense feelings, but also, new awareness of possible outcomes, personal potential and the process of how to do. This last part is critical; we ignite our clients with intense, passionate emotions, but we also infuse them with skills and competencies—the process of how to do…to enact change and undergo transformation.

The second contrast is that while motivational speakers seek to make your audience feel good, the feelings accompanying empowerment are often painful, eliciting emotional discomfort. In fact, while some empowerment involves pleasurable emotions, those involving painful emotions are far more powerful as catalysts to action. Psychologists have said for decades, that people are more driven to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. Those who are empowered experience intense emotions of dissatisfaction with the status quo; impatience to achieve potential; and discomfort with the differences between their desired state and their actual state.

Third and finally, the positive feeling of emotion drives immediate conviction that happens with or without follow-through action. With empowerment the discomfort intensifies the longer it takes for desired state to replace current state. Here’s why:

Empowerment Diagram

The difference between desired and current states produces dissonance, discontinuity, and dissatisfaction. The pressure to change can be intense and the feeling refuses to go away until the needed transformation takes place.

While the motivated being feels great, the empowered being must take action or the pain intensifies. We stir up these feelings of hunger in your people and provide substantive processes and strategies to satisfy that hunger. For example, our management coaching provides hard and soft skills in addition to intensified feelings of high potential, passionate drive and the hunger for excellence.

The design is to unleash people to pursue their greatest capabilities for maximum rewards and recognition in their lives, then have that translate to their business or work.

Companies whose people go through our empowerment process experience strong, positive outcomes that include both qualitative and quantitative results…a strong boost in morale, a passion for excellence; intensified hunger to win, productivity gains, as well as increased sales and profits.

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