Emerging Research Indicates: “If your Salespeople Sell Products or Services, they Are Selling the Wrong Thing! We Can Help Boost Commissions & Sales”

Our 30+ Years of Experience and Research Show…


“Customers and clients do not spend money primarily for the practical, logical benefits of a product or service. Instead, they spend money repeatedly and loyally for…” [Does you Sales Team Know the Answer?]

Do More, Sell More & Earn More!

When you have a team of front-line sales people that you want to inspire, motivate and to increase their productivity – Alvin Day is the person to bring in. His programs offer you tested techniques, proven practices, and timeless truths on achieving more.

Your people will relate to Alvin because he has been where they are, and gone where they want to go. He has sold door-to-door, stocked retail displays, recruited representatives, led sales organizations and reached the top levels of sales success. Alvin has served in sales management for two Fortune 100 companies, and consulted with leading companies all over the world. He is a sales development expert, experienced in every aspect of the sales process from locating prospects to creating profitable, long term relationships with them.

Alvin’s riveting workshops and presentations make audiences come alive, as he employs a compelling mix of fun, street-smart business savvy, captivating stories, Jamaican Reggae, and engaging group exercises. Audiences often say Alvin’s presentations are the best they’ve ever attended.

These powerful programs will lead your people from procrastination to action, uncertainty to belief, and fear to success. Alvin will make you look good for bringing him in!

 Alvin Day Will Help Your People:

  • Awake every day with a passion to pursue their dreams;
  • Convert their hidden potential to actual performance and results;
  • Overcome fear to get into action; and,
  • Develop their skills to sell more!


Some Salespersons Are Stuck in the Industrial Age

If your sales organization is representing your products or services based on practical needs or functional benefits, then you may be missing millions of dollars in sales and profits! Listen to Gallup…a scientific, data driven company:

“Our hundreds of millions of conversations with employees and customers suggest we are in an emerging economic era in which emotional experiences are the foundation for economic growth” (Gallup Organization)

Could your Sales Organizations Benefit from Best Practices Processes to Sharpen their Sales Skills?


1. Do they know the Decision Hierarchy through which a customer goes in order to purchase products in your category? And does our value proposition directly address the primary factors in the decision hierarchy? One of our clients, Colgate-Palmolive in Mexico, as a result of our work, came to discover that the primary consumer decision for the Oral Care category is not hygiene as previously thought. Instead, it is to “avoid social disgrace. Hygiene is secondary” Knowing this, they made changes to their sales approach, marketing messages and shelf display configurations–all leading to strong gains in sales.

2. Do they know the emotional triggers that attract customers to the company’s products? Another of our clients has been Pepsi Cola in Argentina. They have figured out that customers do not buy practical, logical benefits. When last did you see a Pepsi commercial advertising “the best dark, sweetened carbonated water?” Are your products selling practical, logical benefits mostly?

3. Is it common knowledge throughout your sales team that customers are more motivated to buy based on the desire to eliminate pain than to gain pleasure? We teach salespeople the top six sources of pain that people feel in society today and how to listen for them as a basis to sell more products or services.

4. Do your salespeople have strong, consistent capabilities to deal with rejection? We teach Mind Games to Make you Mighty—a set of mental techniques that make them virtually immune to the negative emotions of rejection.

There is much more to our Sales Empowerment Workshops, but all is geared to help your sales team get YES more often without being aggressive or pushy. That translates into increased sales, more commissions and bonuses and customer loyalty that every company would treasure.

The foundation of this work is Alvin’s game-changing book, Persuasion Power – The Science of Successful Selling.

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