Success Stories


Dr. George Zhang, responsible for new products development, went through our executive leadership program—Leadership Leverage Coaching. As a result, he reported three significant, practical outcomes:

  1. He modified his thinking during one of our one-on-one coaching sessions. This led him to adjust the new products development process with suppliers and Quality Control, reducing tolerance from 15% to 10%, cutting out waste of time and material. As a result, he calculates that the company now saves US $2,000,000 per year.
  2. Within three months of starting in our program, his boss noticed a difference and gave him a raise and promotion, which Dr. Zhang credits primarily to our coaching.
  3. He reported much better work-life balance and improved relationship with his wife.

Dr. Zhang wrote:

“I feel I have a lot of energy overflowing throughout my body—called out by Alvin! Best training of my life (so far)!”

“In the past two quarterly reviews, my manager (Thom) repeatedly told me that he was impressed with the energy I had, the amount and quality of work I did, and the positive feedback he heard from other departments about me.  My wife commented that she has noticed that I have been coming to work happy and going home happy every day in the past several months

George Zhang, PhD,
New Products Development



“After spending a day with Alvin, our entire organization was hungry to win in the marketplace. He ignited in them a burning passion for personal excellence. I have rarely seen them so fired up. His principles and techniques are inspirational, entertaining and practical at the same time.”

Yolanda Guerrero, Director
Colgate-Palmolive Company

The workshop was informative and engaging. Mr. Day related his story in such a way that his message was powerful and inspiring. The strategies and tactics imparted were useful and very relevant to work and personal life.

Kharla Robertson
National Commercial Bank, NCB



Job very good, practical and meaningful. This is really going to be useful in my new role as RVP

Michael Shaw, Regional Vice President

Bank of Nova Scotia



“I was a high stressed individual who hated going to work in the mornings…With the information and inspiration I have received from Alvin, my life is now transformed… I have a new job and my salary is now double at $89,000-[from $45,000].  My personal life is also coming on track and I can see clearer now, I have a renewed vision and know that I can fly and be whatever…I want to be.”

Tracy-Ann Wright, Kingston, JA



“Thank you Mr. Day–last time you were here, you saved someone’s life. I was planning to kill a guy on the outside, but when you spoke, something hit me in the stomach and I   called my friends and cancelled the plan.” 

Curtis, Inmate

West Palm Beach County Jail


$2,100,000 SALES INCREASE:

Nathan is a sales manager in charge of the O’Reilly’s account. They were only interested in selling their private label house brand and gave his brand little or no support. In a Leadership Leverage Coaching session dealing with Persuasion Power—the Science of Successful Selling, Nathan picked up strategies to change his approach. The results reported:



“…I was invited to speak at an International Anti-Fraud Conference held in Antigua recently.  There were over 130 participants in attendance.  The panel of presenters was a distinguished one including Senior Government officials (e.g., the Prime Minister of Antigua)…of course there would be pressure to perform.

 “Well I can happily report that with careful application of the principles you have been teaching us I gave a sterling presentation!  …Here are some examples of the feedback:

  • A Scotia banker from the Eastern Caribbean who was a participant at the event said to me “I was proud to be a Scotiabanker seeing how well you presented”
  • Declan Hill, author and film maker from Canada…said “you were GREAT!”.  He also said to the audience “initially I was worried for George Roper because he had to follow Charlie who gave such a dynamic presentation. Thank you George, that was a great presentation”
  • Charlie Adams, who is himself a brilliant speaker, said to me in an e-mail ” I appreciated your presentation very much, …I look forward to communicating with you in the future”

 “Further evidence of how well the presentation went over was the fact that I received an invitation whilst still in Antigua to present at another AML conference to be held in Grand Cayman later this year!

“Thanks again for the mind expanding and life altering sessions – they have impacted me positively in a huge way.

George Roper, Vice President

Scotia Group Executive Office



=====Original Email====

Email From: Jamie B Hinely []

Sent: Friday, May 08, 4:17 PM 

To: Alvin Day;   Subject: Our Group Discussion May 5


Alvin –   Thanks so much for the information on the 5 step process.  I just used it to present a new staffing plan for our Minnesota market, and got firm commitments to move forward with the plan.  I thought it was a long shot.   Reviewing the situation relevant to the buyer’s needs works like magic.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Can’t believe it worked that well.

Thanks again!   

(Jamie estimates that the value of this breakthrough is $390,000 in Year 1)

Jamie Hinely; Manager, Talent Management;




Mary Beth developed a 10 year life plan after one of Alvin Day’s seminars. She confessed that this future focus was weird for her because as long as she could remember, she’s wanted to kill herself.  She changed her mind about suicide and a year later, declared, ‘Life’s a blast!’  

Mary Beth, Sales Agent

 Herbalife Co.



I was able to rely on Alvin’s council as I conceptualized and implemented a major initiative for the Valvoline brand that both changed how our organization works and dislocated the market in our favor. It required enormous organization change and coordination. Alvin’s direction focused and improved my capabilities as a leader, and helped me drive unprecedented results for our organization in 2009.

Peter W. Demko—Director of Marketing, Global Brands
Ashland Consumer Markets



Following a one day workshop with Alvin in Personality Types—part of the Leadership Leverage Coaching Executive Program:

“Hugely stimulating, thought provoking and immensely practical. Shows unusual philosophical depth, unlike most of these kinds of presentations.

Ian Boyne, Television Broadcaster

TVJ, JIS Television & Others



Alvin: As a 15 year CPG sales manager, working for Coty, Clorox and Valvoline, I thought I had things figured out. However, I gleaned several new insights from the Leadership Leverage Coaching program. The  most impactful pieces for me were Personal Empowerment, Meeting Management and Presentation Skills. The Personal Empowerment module made me realize the importance of “fire in the belly” and having a balance with work and home. Since this module, I’ve been using my passion for the business to drive everyday results, through coaching and training my direct reports. If they see the link between my passion and results, I’m hopeful it will make them more likely to follow.

Chip Huffman Director Strategic Accounts



Creative and entertaining…Alvin worked with a multifunctional team, captivated our imagination, and systematically led us to think about our business in a new and exciting way! He is instructive and entertaining, with a positive delivery style that can benefit any organization”

Mike DuBoiseSenior Vice President
NBC / Universal Studios



Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training was “one of the most engaging workshops I have attended. It was truly rewarding to grow personally and watch the amazing growth of my peers within two short days.”

 Mark Koenig, Director of Global Products,
Valvoline International



“The workplace on professionalism workshop was quite interesting and will prove to be quite useful on a day to day basis.”

D. Forbes

PetroJam Jamaica, Ltd.



In the Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training, “I was pushed to take risk and for that reason, I was able to grow. Well Done!! “

Regina Green, Human Resources Manager,
Ashland Petroleum



“Dear Alvin: I was very excited when I learned this time last year that I had been chosen to join a group of my peers in the inaugural Valvoline Leadership Leverage Coaching program…I was not disappointed. From each of our 12 group meetings and individual coaching sessions, I added confidence and capabilities. I have put these lessons to use every day both at work and in my personal life…

“One good example of the practical use of my training came this week while working on our European strategy. During meetings with our EMEA team, I provided strong and thoughtful contributions as we defined and altered the long term vision for the business. After much engaging discussion and evaluation, we developed new and powerful  strategy. The skills I learned in your presentations workshop are evident in the presentation we are creating for the Valvoline Leadership Team later this month. We recognize  the need to make changes. We know that we must have the most appropriate goals and develop a business model that

can be focused on achieving a demanding growth target I know my effectiveness has been greatly enhanced by this training and development opportunity. I recommend that Valvoline continue the program next year and I would be glad to speak with anyone else who may be considering this type of program for their own company.

“Alvin, I wish you continued success. Thank you for the coaching, teaching, listening and laughter that you shared with me and my peers. It was a tremendous honor and a pleasure for me to participate.  Sincerely,”

Steven F. Elder—Manager, Corporate Dev. International
Valvoline International



“Alvin: Your Leadership Leverage Coaching was a great benefit to me this year. As a direct result of the techniques I learned, I was able to get proposals approved in situations where previously, I couldn’t even get a hearing. Thanks, Alvin!”

Jamie Hinely—Manager, Talent Management
Valvoline International



“Alvin did an outstanding job. Participants truly loved him for his comments and leadership style during the week . . . a great job of presenting . . . certainly the right person for the job.”

John Perry, Sales Training Manager
Procter & Gamble



Staying in School: “John” dropped out of college, saying his parents just wanted him to grow up as a bourgeois like them. He read If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I  in the summer, changed his mind , and re-enrolled in Harvard for September to finish his degree

Harvard University Dropout Student,

Bronx, NY



“I have worked alongside Alvin and have directly experienced the impact of his attitude and energy on our people and our business.”

Sam Mitchell, President
The Valvoline Company



“You are the most dynamic personal development speaker I have personally listened to.”

Lester R. Nathan, President & CEO
RESULTS Mgmt. & Marketing, Inc.



The leadership training impacted me.  In the past two quarterly reviews, my manager (Thom) repeatedly told me that he was impressed with the energy I had, the amount and quality of work I did, and the positive feedback he heard from other departments about me.  My wife commented that she has noticed that I have been coming to work happy and going home happy everyday in the past several months (except the PS2 training days when I was nervous!).  Next Monday is my 12th anniversary with Valvoline; again I am confident and eager to embrace the future.

Dr. George Zhang,  New Products Development



I love to hear Alvin speak! He is not only highly engaging and delightful as he shares his powerful stories and word-paintings, Alvin also touches the very core of people’s souls with his magnetic presence.”

Paula Bellingham, CEO
Unlimited Living International



Alvin points out the simple truths that have withstood the test of time and clearly shows, regardless of your talents, the way to maximize your potential and achieve self-contentment.”

Michael Welling, Vice President
Unilever Canada



The “presentation was informative and very practical. I particularly like the fact that the presenter is a man of God.

Atlee Shaw

National Commercial Bank, NCB



“Excellent!  It indicates that if an individual takes personal responsibility for excellent performance and hold themselves accountable it can drive productivity.”

Alexander Reid,

PetroJam, Jamaica Ltd.



“You are a profound communicator. Thank you for the important truths you have shared with my clients and me. The name Alvin Day belongs in the same sentence as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.”

Henry DeVries, President
DeVries/Communications, Inc.