“The most frequently overlooked weak spot in leadership is the ability to do public speaking and present with power.”

Rejection-proof your sales team with confidence and motivation by equipping them to put client needs and wants up front and center, close sales more effectively and move premium products consistently.

Alvin, a former Procter & Gamble sales manager, has the talent and experience to infuse your sales and marketing teams with proven strategies from across industries and regions of the world. He imparts insights and techniques that produce competitive advantage and boost sales. His power-credentials are undeniable. Campbell Soup credited him with a $25 Million revenue gain. Bristol-Myers Squibb implemented his ProfitMaster selling system and achieved a $1.5 Million sales surge in two days.

Sales workshops include:

  • Mind Games to Make You MightyTechniques to Overcome Rejection, Sidestep Stress and Stay Focused.
  • Persuasion PowerUnderstand the Buyer Mindset and Ignite the Desire to Acquire (Based on Alvin’s book, Persuasion Power)
  • Build & Deliver Compelling PresentationsUse Facts, Feelings and Flowing Communication to Create Persuasive Presentations (a multiple workshop series)