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When Last Has a Keynote Speaker Ignited your Team with a ‘Fire in the Belly’ Passion for Life and Work, Leaving them Hungry for More?

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For your next major event, hire Alvin Day, the dynamic, international, award-winning speaker. He reaches his listeners viscerally, turning up the heat and impelling them to action.

He is a riveting empowerment speaker who has electrified audiences across the world, imparting to them an intense passion and hunger to do more, achieve more and become more.

He is a game changing sales and marketing speaker who delivers an innate, experience-based understanding of how the human mind works; what people want; and, how to get them to say YES more often and feel delighted.

He is a mind-altering university and college speaker who stretches the minds, bends the imagination and fuels the thirst of students and professors alike.

Perhaps your team has never been exposed to Alvin Day’s energy, his passionate word pictures, or his personal life story of rising from poverty to privilege…then talk with others whose teams have:

Talk with Yolanda Guerrero at Colgate-Palmolive—During a time of organizational restructure and cutbacks, she hired Alvin to address a team of over 350 people who were apprehensive and fearful of the future. He conducted the session entirely in Spanish and by the end of the program, the audience was passionate about their life and company; they couldn’t wait to get back to work and begin to transform their business; they asked for added responsibilities!

Talk to Gerry at Herbalife, who invited Alvin to present to the sales organization – Not only did the team get fired up about their business, but one representative changed her mind about committing suicide and developed a 10 year action plan.

Alvin is a multiple award winner in Toastmasters’ international speech competitions. Client feedback indicates that he moves audiences to do more, achieve more and become more. What impact could he have on your organization—their love of life and work—their dreams and visions of greatness—their drive to make your company win?

Alvin Will Design a Program to Captivate the Imagination of Your Team

He does not offer pre-packaged motivational speeches that are the same from company to company. Every presentation is different because it is highly tailored to the individual audience and company.

For example, The Bank of Nova Scotia hired Alvin to address an organization of 1,500 people. The theme of the conference was “Going for Gold.” After detailed discussion with the ScotiaBank’s meeting planner, he modified his standard Born to Fly keynote and delivered a presentation entitled “Why Do you Want Gold?” He deeply challenged the audience with: The extreme conditioning and self discipline required to win an Olympics gold medal; the need for vision and focus; the self-denial and delayed gratification; the mental game to overcome expert competitors; and, the joy of standing on the winner’s platform, gold in hand, representing team and country as the world applauds par-excellence.

Due to the transforming effects on the audience, ScotiaBank asked him to keep the message going by delivering a monthly video message to the team.

 Alvin Will Help Your People: